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Considered the experts in next-gen electronics, for over twenty years, Austin, Texas, based PulseForge has been the go-to leader for industry-transforming Digital Thermal Processing solutions. Printed and flexible electronics are in demand in wearables, IoT , transportation, consumer electronics, and more. At PulseForge, our customers have a wide range of processing needs that the PulseForge tools not only meet, but exceed.


Supported processing includes sintering of conductive silver & copper inks or CIGS & CdTe nanocrystal depositions on PET, polyimide, paper or textiles; drying of functional & graphic inks or plastic coatings; crystallization of perovskite or OPV materials; soldering of standard PoHS lead-free solder paste on low-temperature polymers; and reduction of graphene oxide & copper oxide.


AUTOMated AFM Metrology


PulseForge Invent
Most versatile platform for any processing needs

PulseForge Invent is the state-of-the art photonic curing system, being highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D - for development in applications like sensors, displays, circuits and photovoltaics. A base model is available with a single lamp driver, high energy models are available with 2.5 lamp drivers.



PulseForge 3300
Solution for application development and full-volume production

Designed for both roll-to-roll and conveyor-based materials processing, the PulseForge 3300 is optimal for application development and full-volume production for multiple industries, including consumer electronics, IoT, transportation, wearables, solar panels & cells. PulseForge 3300 delivers maximum peak power – the type of power needed to achieve very-high surface heating of the target semiconductor materials – without damaging underlying, low- temperature substrates.


5NM Production Photomask repair


PulseForge Solder Batch
Poweful, compact stand-alone Digital Thermal Processing

PulseForge Soldering Batch is the only Digital Thermal Processing solution on the market to meet your stand-alone soldering needs. With the same proprietary flashlamp technology as the PulseForge Soldering In-Line, ultra-fast heating and cooling means no damage to heat-sensitive substrates. Processed matierals include for instance paper, fabrics, thin glass, plastics or perovskite solar cells.

5NM Production Photomask repair


PulseForge Solder In-Line
Substantially higher throughput for electronics manufacturing

Solder In-Line offers unrivaled processing times and highest throughput in SMT and PCB manufacturing. With the slow processing times of ovens, and one-terminal-at-a-time coverage limitations of lasers, current thermal processing solutions in microelectronics manufacturing are an expensive bottleneck. Powerful and configurable, PulseForge Soldering In-Line’s high-intensity pulsed light solution erases those limitations – without damaging previously off-limits heat-sensitive components and substrates. PulseForge Solder In-Line – SMEA 9851 compliant with high throughput – is also available with input and output buffers.

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