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Founded in 2006 following a research project carried out at the CNRS, Ceradrop is an innovative small company specializing in equipment for printed electronics and new energy technologies.

Ceradrop has expanded constantly since its creation and employs a multi-disciplinary team of experts spanning materials science, chemistry, precision mechanics and computer science. Its non-graphic bottom-up approach to the inkjet process sets it apart from the competition. Reflecting the company, Ceradrop's innovative value proposition provides each machine customer with specific process assistance.


Ceradrop designs and markets InkJet Printers exclusively for Printed Electronics Industry. Embedding all types of Printheads as well as the latest generation of curing modules, CeraPrinter Series models present new opportunities for feasibility study and launch of new products onto the Printed Electronics market in the fields such as: flexible solar cells (OPV), OLED Displays, Smart Cards, Antennas, Smart Systems, Passive Components etc. Based on its bottom-up approach, Ceradrop offers InkJet Printing Equipment, which adapts to electronic materials to be deposited as well as to complex components design to be printed thanks to its exclusive software CeraSlice.


Achieving more than 40% of its turnover from exports and providing a unique process support to its customers, Ceradrop makes easier and more efficient using of InkJet Printing technology for Printed Electronics worldwide.


This is the top-selling CeraPrinter. Its success lies in its high versatility and wide range of possible options.

- 305 x 305 mm

- Up to 3 printheads

- Accuracy 3 µm

- Repeatability 1 µm

- Post-processing zone

- R&D and small batch

Industrial platform

Ceradrop's industrial platform enables flexible inkjet printing from R&D pilot line to high throuput 24/7 production. Main advantages are:

- multi-material

- high-level process support

- multi-curing technologies: IR, NIR, UV, photonic

- multi-substrate: rigid, flexible

- large format

- exclusive user-friendly advanced software suite


Designed for industrial firms and major research facilities. Includes a handling robot and a large printing area.

- 320 x 420 mm

- Up to 4 printheads

- Accuracy 3 µm

- Repeatability 2 µm

- Post-processing zone

- 30 plates handling cassette

- R&D, small batch, continuous manufacture

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