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merconics, a professional distribution organization for capital equipment is providing support solutions to the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Europe. merconics was founded by Harald Moder with a registered office in Bergkirchen (Munich), Germany with the objective to establish a premium high-tech distributor organization in Europe

merconics´ mission is to provide the photovoltaic or semiconductor OEMs a more cost-efficient way to support the European accounts while still delivering high quality service to our common customers. We´re interested in long term relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

Our Team
merconics___2018_10_01__ 085.jpg
Harald Moder,
Founder & CEO



merconics___2018_10_01__ 063.jpg
Frédéric Pernot,
Operations Manager



Founder and President of merconics is Harald Moder who is a semiconductor industry veteran with a broad experience in international account and general management. His sales expertise and professional skills generated record bookings and market share year over year.

Fred joined merconics in February 2018. With his great experience in semiconductors and metrology he plays an important role to keep merconics moving forward and he helps laying the foundation of a growing business. Fred also keeps track of Western European customers and prospects. 

Thomas Veit_short.JPG
Thomas Veit,
Sales Manager



merconics___2018_10_01__ 124.jpg
Alexandra Moder,
Accounting Specialist


Thomas joined merconics in 2020. Experienced in compound semi & general semiconductor fabrication technologies and markets, he develops sales opportunities for a sustainable business success with focus on Central and Northern Europe.

Financial issues and tax related affairs are Alexandra's core competencies. Furthermore, she supports merconics back office department and is responsible for project management regarding upcoming events such as trade shows and conferences.

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Nancy Giron,



merconics___2018_10_01__ 178 (2).jpg
Patrick Moder,
Marketing Specialist


Nancy is the team's personal assistant since 2021, helping with administrative issues to prepare and maintain meeting schedules as well as travel plans. Moreover, she supports with accounting and other financial duties.

Patrick helps with exploring market value to meet expectations for relevant target markets, covering marketing campaigns and streamlined customer relationship management. Furthermore, he takes care of IT-administrative tasks for the team. 


Innovation  Lab

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