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XTPL, based in Wrocław/Poland, operates in the nanotechnology market segment. The company is developing and commercializing its globally innovative platform technology of ultra-precise printing of nanomaterials, protected by international patent applications.


The XTPL method is a breakthrough. This is because of a unique combination of several features: it is an additive method, which ensures significant time and material savings and allows the advantages of print – such as scalability, cost effectiveness, simplicity and speed – to be used in the production of advanced devices thanks to unprecedented precision (structures width 1-8 micrometres) and without a need to use electric field. Due to its platform character, this solution will find application in the broadly understood printed electronics industry. At present, the company is focusing on commercialization of its technology in the flat panel display sector.


AUTOMated AFM Metrology


XTPL DELTA Printing System
High-precision rapid prototyping for microelectronics

XTPL® Delta Printing System with Ultra-Precise Deposition technology and XTPL® high viscosity conductive inks provides ultra-high resolution and precision for rapid prototyping applications. Feature include:

  • Features down to 1 µm, conductive after single pass

  • Variety of possible patterns (lines, trails, micro-dots)

  • High step coverage

  • High accuracy motion system

  • Real time image processing system

  • Plug-and-play solution

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