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Optomec is breaking new ground in the world of additive manufacturing (AM) with unique 3D printing technology that supports a broad range of functional, production-grade materials and feature sizes. Their AM technology provides unique advantages over traditional manufacturing approaches.


Optomec develops Aerosol Jet systems that are ideally suited to develop, fabricate, enhance and repair high performance electronic and biologic devices for Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor Packaging, Displays, Aerospace/Defense, Automotive and Life Sciences end use products. The Aerosol Jet process cost effectively prints high resolution electronic circuits and components on 2D and 3D surfaces from a wide range of materials including conductive nano-particle metal inks, dielectric pastes, semiconductor and other functional materials. Aerosol Jet printing is a breakthrough additive technology  enabling finer feature sizes than traditional ink-jetting and screen printing processes. Aerosol Jet printing utilizes an innovative aerodynamic focusing technology that produces electronic and physical structures with feature sizes from 10 microns to millimeters. The huge advancement of Optomec’s Aerosol Jets is that you can print materials in a wide range of viscosity from 1 up to 1000 cP.


Optomec solutions for 3d printed metal can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle for applications including materials discovery, functional prototyping, manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing, surface coatings, rework and repair.

AJ 200

Bench Top System

Aerosol Jet 200 series systems provide a professional grade, compact benchtop print solution specifically developed for printing electronics. The system utilizes an innovative aerodynamic focusing technology that produces electronic and physical structures with feature sizes from 10 microns to millimeters. The Aerosol Jet System comes standard with a fine feature print head, ultrasonic atomizer, 200mm square heated vacuum platen, alignment and process cameras. The Aerosol Jet system supports a wide variety of materials, including conductive nanoparticle inks, polymers, insulators, adhesives, etchants, and even biological matter that can be accurately deposited by the system onto planar and nonplanar substrates.

AJ 300

Standalone System

Aerosol Jet 300 Series systems are ideally suited to develop next generation processes and devices for photovoltaic, touch screen displays, 3D interconnects and other printed electronics and biologics applications. It's designed as a workhorse platform for general material science R&D and low-volume fabrication of electronic circuitry and components; also ideal for product development, prototyping and life sciences research. Example applications include:​ 3D interconnects, embedded passives or printed sensors. A number of Aerosol Jet 300 Series system configurations are available to meet your specific application requirements.​


for 3D Printed Electronics

The Aerosol Jet 5X system is ideally suited for 3D Printed Electronics applications such as fully printed antennas, sensors, and Molded Interconnect Devices (MIDs). The system comes equipped with an Optomec Sprint print module ideally suited for high resolution printing of electronic circuits and devices for rapid prototyping, product development and printed material evaluation. An optional Optomec Marathon print module can be added for process development and low volume production runs. The Aerosol Jet 5x system comes with 5 axes of coordinated print motion.​

LENS Printers

Optomec Inc. offers a full range of additive manufacturing solutions for creating, enhancing and repairing metal components with its Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) systems. LENS systems use high-powered lasers to build structures layer by layer directly from powdered metals, alloys, ceramics or composites, which result in a range of benefits.

The LENS Classic System Series represents the state of the art in high-quality metal additive manufacturing technology for industrial use. All Classic Series LENS systems offer hermetically sealed chambers and atmosphere controls that protect the build environment from moisture and oxygen contamination down to less than 10 ppm to meet industry’s most demanding metal fabrication, part restoration and surface modification requirements. Three standard system configurations are available, making the LENS Classic System series ideal for applications ranging from education and research, to component manufacture, repair and advanced coatings in the aerospace, defense, power generation and medical device industries.

LENS 450

The entry level, low cost LENS 450 system is ideally suited for universities, researchers, metal powder developers and others exploring the benefits of metal additive manufacturing. The system is built on industry proven LENS technology and can be used for additive manufacturing and repair applications for small parts.


The mid-size LENS MR-7 is specially configured for the rapid alloy development, functional prototyping and medium size part repair applications. Specially configured system for the material researcher to rapidly produce novel materials with exceptional quality. Two powder feeders enable gradient materials to be made – every layer can have a different chemistry. Example applications include Rapid Alloy Development, Material Research and Advanced Product Development.

LENS 850-R

The LENS 850-R with its large work envelope and 5-axis motion control system is ideally suited  for the repair and fabrication of high value large metal components used in the Aerospace and Defense industries. 

Specially configured system designed for the repair or fabrication of high value large metal components used in the Aerospace and Defense industries. Example applications include repair or fabrication of components for aerospace and defense applications and hybrid manufacturing.

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