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Considered the expert in next-gen printed electronics, for over twenty years, Austin, Texas, based NovaCentrix is the go-to leader for industry-transforming conductive inks and nanopowders. 


By capitalizing on advanced materials and formulations that provide superior conductivity for additive manufacturing of printed electronics, our Metalon conductive inks are the highest-performing inks available for printed electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. Applications include photovoltaic, personal devices, RFID, smart cards and labels, antennas, displays, printed heaters, and advanced packaging.


Metalon conductive inks are available for aerosol, flexographic, inkjet, screen, and spray printing methods. NovaCentrix also offers custom inks with special formulations. Sheet resistances as low as 4 milliohms per square and resistivities as low as 1.5X bulk have been attained with Metalon silver inks. Sheet resistances below 10 milliohms per square and resistivities as low as 3X bulk have been attained with Metalon copper oxide inkjet reduction inks.


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