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Hugle Electronics started its business in 1969 as far-east branch office of America Hugle Industries, which was a world leader of semiconductor manufacturing device at the dawn of the semiconductor industry. Taking advantage of this early start, Hugle has established its base as a unique manufacturer and continuously developed and offered a wide variety of original products well ahead of time in the areas of ever-changing semiconductor and flat panels such as LCD.


The most important feature of Hugle is unrivaled and quick specialization in devices and equipment relating to pure clean and high quality production environment, greatly affecting product quality. As widely known, technical innovation of semiconductors is aiming at endless high integration, and the environment for their production and inspection inevitably require super pureness and cleanliness.

Hugle's philosophy of "Clean & Quality" and their utmost efforts to pursue as precise technology as possible and helped realizing a more advanced production environment. Having obtained certificates of ISO9001 in March 1997, Hugle determined to further sophisticate its technology and quality to respond to customer trust

Cleaning Systems


REN is Hugle' s fully automatic cleaning system for EUV Reticle PODs. Cleaning these pods is one of the most demanding applications for container cleaning equipment in the Semiconductor Industry. Hugle has met the challenge with innovative technology and unmatched system reliability.
The EUV pod is automatically fed into the system, outer and inner pods are disassembled and placed into separate cleaning chambers where they are washed and dried using our unique technology. They are then reassembled and delivered to the load port. Pods are efficiently washed and dried without exceeding recommended temperatures.
The REN successfully removes nanometer sized particles in a fully automatic on line system compatible with industry standards.

UPC-12500 SORA

300mm wafers have become the industry standard for semiconductor development and manufacturing. Exceptional FOUP cleaning is required for advanced products especially with the introduction of EUV lithography. Hugle Electronics has built on the solid performance of the UPC-12100 by introducing the UPC-12500. The 12500 is a fully automatic FOUP Cleaning System with excellent performance, throughput and reliability. Advancements for the new system include higher throughput, energy savings, and a smaller footprint. The UPC-12500 was designed and manufactured based on SEMI standard, UL and CE marking. It is also compatible with Automated Material Handling Systems (AMHS) like OHT or RGV and Communication protocol (GEM300), so it is suitable for On-line control.


Cleaning FOUPs and FOSBs is required to improve and maintain the yeild of the semiconductor munufactring process. The HNM-300 can wash and dry a variety of FOUPs and FOSBs in one system without changing the set-up because of our unique chamber structure.

Main features:

  • High through-put (compared with our previous system)
  • Small foot print design
  • Protection from electrostatic charge
  • Super purity washing by nozzle jet
  • Hot air knife drying method will shorten drying time efficiently
  • Auto flushing fuction prevents dead water
  • Automatic FOUP Opener function (option)


The CP-2200 is a manually loaded SMIF pod washing system. This system is for cleaning semiconductor device containers and is built with experiance advanced knowledge of the latest technology for Semiconductor equipment manufacturing.. It is suitable for pilot lines, research and development.
The CP-2200 can wash and dry 8 inch SMIF pods and also can wash 8 inch open cassettes.


The SC-8 is a new generation semi-automatic cassette and box cleaning system. This model features energy efficient, space saving, trouble free design throughout. Our special water and air nozzles wash and dry containers as they are transported through the system in wire trays. We have taken advantage of the strong performance and reliable design of the earlier CRD-4500 to build on it's track record with the SC-8.

Dry Cleaner

USG-series for flat panel

Dry Cleaner is used for removing particle on the substrate.

It is possible to remove particle of micron size by Non-contact ultrasonic cleaning
It is in no damage of the breaking, scratching and attaching fiber on surface treatment.
And the particle on substrate is completely removed by Hugle Dry cleaner which is designed and manufactured with special parts and material.

USG-402S is the both sides (up & down) In-Line conveyor type cleaner for LCD/OLED/PDP array, Cell process and solar panels. Practicable from 3000mm (G10) to small size panel.

USG-401S is the one side cleaner that lightweight and minimum space by compact designed cleaning head and low electricity energy-saving type, mainly used for FPD , OLED and SOLAR PANEL process.

USW-series for roll films and metal foil

USW-102 is the non-contact dry cleaner for roll film (web), rechargeable battery, metal foil like magnetic tape, flexible circuit, color filter, other films (photo, X-ray, PET, OP, metal, TAC), paper and surface of the roller (metal, rubber etc.).

USW-103 is the high pressure type (about 1.5 times pressure of the USW-102) cleaner.
For high running speed web customer and the customer can’t satisfied the ability of USW-102.

Sxx-series for flat products or web and roller

SPS-10 is the dry cleaner for small size (width: less than 100mm) flat panel, tab process and optical discs (CD,DVD,Blu-ray).

SPH-100 is the dry cleaner for small size products.

This SPW-20 is the cleaner for small width web, web edge and surface of roller shaft.

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