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Veeco (NASDAQ: VECO), headquartered in Plainview, New York, designs, manufactures and markets equipment primarily sold to make light emitting diodes ("LEDs") and hard-disk drives, as well as for concentrator photovoltaics, semiconductors, wireless components, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).


They develop highly differentiated, "best-in-class" Process Equipment for critical performance steps. Their products feature leading technology, low cost-of-ownership and high throughput. Core competencies in advanced thin film technologies, over 200 patents, and decades of specialized process know-how helps them to stay at the forefront of these demanding industries.

Veeco's approximately 800 employees support our costumers through product and process development, training, manufacturing, and sales and services sites in the U.S. (primary R&D/Engineering sites in NY, NJ, MN, CO), Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, Europe and other locations. They believe that offering timely service and support creates stronger relationships with customers and provides them with a significant competitive advantage.


Veeco’s NEXUS® platform allows customers to cluster various deposition or etching technologies.


Their NEXUS® Ion Beam Etch (IBE) Systems provide precise etching of complex features for high-yield production of discrete microelectronic devices and components. We offer four different IBE systems for different needs: NEXUS® IBE-350Si leads to improved process control, reduced footprint and a field-upgradable design. It’s ideal for cavity and shallow etching for higher device yield. With the NEXUS® IBE-420i™ data storage device yields can be raised and exceptional uniformity can be achieved. It offers improved CD sigma control for data storage applications, faster time to market for new applications, faster install time, and better asset utilization and cost of ownership. You are able to maximize slider yields and achieve excellent ion beam etch uniformity with the NEXUS® IBE-420Si™ which makes it ideal for etch depth control of next-generation ABS step and cavity processing. NEXUS® IBE-350Se™ maximizes the productivity of ABS deep cavity processing and high etch rate applications.


NEXUS® and SPECTOR-HT™ Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) Systems create ultra-precise, high purity thin film layer devices with maximum uniformity and repeatability. Data storage manufacturers can dramatically increase yield of 80 Gb/in² sensors, as well as meet the demands of future TFMH device fabrication with our 3rd generation NEXUS® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) System. Photo mask manufacturing demands the highest level of particle control while depositing sophisticated multiple-layer film structures. This challenge is met with the Nexus® IBD-LDD Ion Beam Deposition System. It’s ideal for multilayer deposition on EUV mask blanks, and other mask applications requiring low defect levels and advanced thin films. Building on Veeco's proven ion beam deposition technology, the SPECTOR-HT™ ion beam deposition increases deposition rates, lot sizes, target utilization and reduces time to process.  SPECTOR-HT™ achieves ion beam quality optical films at physical vapor deposition rates.


Their NEXUS® Physical Vapor Deposition Systems all combine reliability and excellent vapor deposition system performance. The TAMR PVD enables next-generation data storage applications because of heated deposition capability of the oxide films in "dielectric" and "metal modes" of operation, as well as a production-proven high rate reactive alumina platform and proprietary process control. It’s ideal for low optical loss tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) films and when high deposition rates are needed. As the easy-to-use tool, our PVD-1 is tailored to multiple applications in the data storage sector as well as magnetic and is compatible with a wide range of wafer sizes, from 3" to 8". Veeco’s PVD-HR tool meets high-rate deposition requirements of thick overcoat applications like alumina deposition. The integrated system of our PVDi System offers a wide range of applications, is 200mm capable and leads to higher throughput and uptime for lower cost of ownership.

Deposit dense, uniform and repeatable thin diamond-like carbon (DLC) films for longer lasting TFMH slider overcoats and landing pads with Veeco's NEXUS® DLC-X System. The Nexus DLC-X features the industry's first production-worthy Pulsed Filtered Cathode Arc Source to enable sub-20A overcoat thickness, and supports improved step coverage for better process yield compared to previous generations.

GENxplor MBE

Veeco's award-winning GENxplor™ R&D MBE System uses Veeco’s proven GEN10™ MBE system growth chamber design and features unmatched process flexibility, perfect for materials research on emerging technologies such as UV LEDs, high-efficiency solar cells and high-temperature superconductors. Its efficient single frame design combines all vacuum hardware with on-board electronics to make it up to 40 percent smaller than other MBE systems, saving valuable lab space. Because the manual system is integrated on a single frame, installation time is reduced. The open architecture design of the GENxplor MBE system also improves ease-of-use, provides convenient access to effusion cells and easier serviceability when compared to other MBE systems. When coupled with Veeco’s recently introduced retractable sources, the GENxplor MBE system represents the state-of-the-art in oxide materials research.

TurboDisc MOCVD

Veeco's TurboDisc® MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) Systems are the best-in-class tools for production of select compound semiconductor devices, including CPV (concentrated photovoltaic), solar cells, ROY LEDs (red, orange, yellow light emitting diodes), laser diodes, pHEMTs (pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistors) HBTs (heterojunction bipolar transistors). The new breakthrough EPIK700 is the LED industry’s highest productivity MOCVD system that reduces cost per wafer by up to 20 percent compared to previous generations.  Available in one- and two-reactor configurations, EPIK700 features new technologies including IsoFlange™ center injection flow and TruHeat™ wafer coil that provide homogeneous laminar flow and uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer carrier.  These technological innovations produce wavelength uniformity to drive higher yields in a tighter bin. It offers a 2.5x throughput advantage over other systems due to its large reactor size.

Veeco is the world's leading provider of MOCVD equipment, with more than 60% market share selling to top LED companies. They are also #1 in MBE, serving both production customers and many of the world's top research institutes and universities.

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