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The IVS series provides optical overlay and CD metrology for the semiconductor, compound semi, power devices, RF, MEMS, and LED markets. The systems deliver superior measurement performance with overlay and CD measurements in the same recipe. 



Press release from September 2019, Inspectrology (now acquired by Onto Innovation):

"The IVS 220 will allow us to reduce our metrology cost of ownership while at the same time meet our ever-tightening process requirements." said David Andrews, Lithography Equipment Engineer at Analog Devices Wilmington Manufacturing. "Inspectrology’s IVS series optical metrology systems have been an integral part of our process for over 20 years and the addition of the IVS 220 will help us move to the next level. 


“The IVS 220 brings advanced technology to 75mm-200mm fabs who are pushing the boundaries of their processes.” added Neil Casa, Inspectrology LLC vice president of Engineering. “We have significantly improved throughput and tightened the precision. It was critical for us to maintain the MTBF that the IVS systems are legendary for while pushing performance limits.”


The IVS 220 system is the latest generation in the IVS series and has been designed for ultimate precision, TIS (tool induced shift) and throughput on 200mm wafers. The cornerstone of the system’s reliability and stability is its mean time between failure (MTBF) of 2,100 hours. The IVS 280 provides the same capability in a package designed for overhead track handling with full E84 GEM300 capability.

Flexibility is key in compound semiconductor processes where many different wafer sizes, thicknesses and processes may run on the same line. The IVS system is ideal for these conditions. Versatile wafer handling accommodates many variations in wafer composition including silicon, silicon carbide, quartz, glass, GaAs, GaN, LiNO3, InP.

The IVS series also includes the IVS 200 system, which is ideal for smaller fabs and provides the ability to upgrade from older versions of the IVS platform to IVS 200 specifications.

The IVS series helps ensure optimal system availability and years of problem-free operation. The robust design of the wafer handling and navigation system requires no operator assistance during recipe execution. Recipes and data remain stable over time.

Specific algorithms for MEMS applications allow for measurement of a wide array of MEMS structures. The demonstrated capabilities of the IVS series to perform with high precision and solid reliability set this system apart.

Applications include:

  • Semiconductor

  • Compound semiconductor (SiC, GaAs, GaN, LiNO3, InP, quartz, glass, sapphire, etc.)

  • Power devices

  • RF

  • MEMS

  • LED

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