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Attolight started off to revolutionize cathodoluminescence (CL): design top of the line CL instruments that deliver superior performance, maximum ease-of-use and make quantitative cathodoluminescence possible. Attolight’s core expertise lies in the applications of cathodoluminescence, advanced data analysis, and design & production of integrated CL tools.


The Company  is headquartered at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne/Switzerland, where the Attolab is located as well. Attolight originally spun-off from EPFL’s laboratory of quantum optoelectronics (LOEQ) in 2007.


The Attolight Quantitative Cathodoluminescence comprises a custom designed electron column with tightly integrated light collection optics.
The light collection optics featured a field of view of up to 300 μm. The light detection path is carefully optimized and fully aperture matched to guarantee highest light collection uniformity (+-1%) over the FOV. The carefully integrated design and optimization of light and electron optics make high measurement speeds, accuracy and repeatability possible. Quantitative CL produces UV-Visible and NIR hyperspectral maps (full emission spectrum in every pixel) or panchromatic maps (intensity of defined wavelength in every pixel).

Full Wafer CL SEM


Attolight’s Quantitative CL-SEMs offer “No Compromise” large field fast scanning simultaneous acquisition of SEM image, hyperspectral CL maps, and optical spectra.

Smaller diameter wafers, or miscellaneously shaped substrates are manually loaded on intermediary 300mm susceptors subsequently handled automatically by the tool.

The Säntis 300 system offers 3 distinct acquisition modes: step and repeat (S&R), continuous scanning mode (AWpix), integrative scanning mode (FWbrush)

  • up to 300 mm wafer tool

  • High CL-SEM throughput

  • Simultaneous SEM imaging and Optical signature acquisition

  • Edge detection for accurate wafer positioning (better than 10µm)

  • Automated wafer bow mapping and correction

FA CL SEM: Hybridized SEM -- Spectroscopic platform


The Allalin is a nanometer resolution spectroscopy instrument, based on a unique and patented system including an optical collection objective integrated within the SEM column.

One platform, multiple possibilities of measurements
This platform offers a very large range of spectroscopic analysis thanks to its multiple sources (electronic, laser in continuous or pulsed mode) and many types of detectors (PMT, CCD/Streak cameras, TCSPC/ADP… detectors, Raman…). In addition, the system can be equipped with various options such as : EBIC system, nanoprobes, HV transfer unit and can welcome small samples from few µm size to wafers up to 6 inches.

The spectroscopic analyses can be conducted at any temperature from RT down to 10K thanks to an integrated Helium cryostat and copper braid coupling ensuring high stability and very low drift.

CL STEM add-on: Light collection / injection for STEM


The Mönch add-on is a unique tool to work either in collection or injection light mode thanks to a specific mirror design. In addition, the flexibility of the add-on allows an external coupling either in free space or via an optical fiber.
In light collection mode, the Mönch has been designed to achieve unprecedent signal-to-noise ratio thanks to:

  • A proprietary collection mirror with unprecedent curvature radius that fits in small pole piece gap (down to 4.5mm) and precise sub-micrometer alignment for a perfect adjustment of the mirror with respect to the sample.

  • A working distance reduced to 300µm to optimize light collection efficiency

  • A patented asymmetric optical fiber designed to preserve brightness and spectral resolution

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