Spun-off from EPFL’s laboratory of quantum optoelectronics (LOEQ) in 2007, Attolight’s core expertise lies in the applications of cathodoluminescence (CL), advanced data analysis, and design & production of integrated CL tools.


Bruker's systems cover a broad spectrum of applications in all fields of R&D and are used in all industrial production processes for the purpose of ensuring quality and process reliability. We are proud to represent Automated AFM and X-Ray Metrology systems in Europe.



Founded in 2006 following a research project carried out at the CNRS, Ceradrop is an innovative small company specializing in equipment for printed electronics and new energy technologies. Ceradrop designs inkjet printers for printed electronics applications.


Hugle Electronics develops and manufactures devices for pure water cleaning, dust removing, seminconductor inspection, measuring and removal of static electricity. Their leading-edge technologies enable highest quality production environment.


Nextin Solutions

Nextin is a global leading company in the fields of process defect detection and metrology with its proprietary technology and development of innovative ideas in semiconductor and display industries.

NovaCentrix develops and manufactures equipment for sintering thin films for printed electronics and related applications. They offer equipment for high temperature processing on low temperature substrates. They also offer metal and metal-oxide based nano-inks.

Onto Innovation is a leader in process control, combining global scale with an expanded portfolio of leading-edge technologies. We at merconics are proud to represent the overlay and CD IVS series from Onto's metrology portfolio.

Optomec is breaking new ground in the world of additive manufacturing with unique 3D Aerosol Jet (AJ) printing technology that supports a broad range of functional, production-grade materials and feature sizes.


Revasum specializes in design and manufacturing of equipment used in the semiconductor device manufacturing. Their product portfolio includes grinding, polishing, and CMP equipment used to manufacture substrates and devices.

Veeco ALD (former Cambridge NanoTech) has become the leading ALD supplier to academic and industrial institutions worldwide. Their Savannah ALD system has been used to produce hundreds of peer-reviewed academic papers.

Veeco designs, manufactures and markets equipment primarily sold to manufacture LEDs, hard-disk-drives, concentrator PV, MEMS, semiconductors. Their best-in-class process equipment (IBE, IBD, MBE, MOCVD) is designed for critical performance steps.

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