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GPP Chemnitz -

Gesellschaft für Prozeßrechnerprogrammierung mbH

Annaberger Straße 73-77
09111 Chemnitz
phone: +49 371 52 362 0
fax: +49 371 52 362 90


GPP a Chemnitz, Germany based company develops and manufactures equipment for inspecting wafers, solar cells and photovoltaic modules. The inspections include camera based visual defect inspection and testing of electrical performance by utilizing electroluminescence.



gpp_solarcellinspect_standalone.pngThe GPP test system SolarCellInspect performs tests of wafers and solar cells. SolarCellInspect is available as a stand-alone version and for seamless integration into automated cell testers and sorters (3600test/hour) to enable reliable quality assurance. Control paramters include geometry, contour and colour test, discontinuities in fingers and busbars, frontprint and rearprint test and homogeneity of antireflex-coating.


SolarCellInspect.EL is a GPP electroluminescence based test system for the inspection of the material quality of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells. Typical examples are microcracks, breaks, bad soldering, shunts and active/nonactive areas. Conventional visual inspection does not suffice to identify those defects.



gpp_solarmodule_inspect_inline.pngSolarModuleInspect is a test system aimed at large-scale automated manufacturing facilities of PV-modules. It scans the entire surface of PV-modules or laminates and performs quality tests. SolarModuleInspect detects distances between cells, dimensions of cells, the location of strings as well as connectors. Additionally the system inspects the surface of the PV-module, detecting bubbles inside the EVA foil, inclusions, flecks, marks and many more defects.


SolarModuleInspect.EL is a GPP test system for detection of material quality of PV-modules. SolarModuleInspect.EL reliably detects quality characteristics of PV-modules. Such defects can cause short and long term power decrease, hot spot problems and many more errors. SolarModuleInspect.EL acts as final test for quality assurance of PV-modules. The test system can be used stand-alone or be integrated seam into large-scale manufacturing.  SolarModuleInspect.EL may also support you to ensure and record the excellent quality of PV-modules.


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