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XTPL has great news to share!

Newly arrived principal XTPL (see our previous blog post in January) just announced fantastic progress in both their research and their business development. We are very happy, to continue our partnership and represent their ground-breaking nanoprinting solutions! Please find a brief summary below.

Their scientific report published Nature in June 2022 introduces the variety and uniqueness of XTPL's Ultra-Precise Deposition (UPD) technology. Offering a platform to deposit material on complex substrates at micrometer scale, it enables versatility and stability to enhance the use of additive technologies in microfabrication. See the report by Mateusz Łysień et al. here:

Moreover, XTPL is proud to announce that their prototype production device Delta Printing System (DPS) is delivered to an industrial client among the Big Five in the Silicon Valley! With continuous collaboration, their ultraprecise deposition technology supports research and development in the ICT sector. For more information, please see their press release.

Industrial integration for a Taiwanese partner marks the cornerstone for XTPL to enter industrial implementation of its technological solutions into the industry of semiconductors manufacturing. This way, their ultra-precise deposition technology provides solutions for the production lines of next generation electronics. Read more at XTPL's press release.

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