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859 Pheland Court

Milpitas, CA 95035, USA

phone: +1 408 515 8585




Sunsonix markets innovative solutions used in the manufacture of silicon solar cells. The SX-E solutions can produce efficiency improvements of the solar cells by reducing manufacturing costs while increasing the energy generation of the solar modules. Sunsonix'

Management has extensive experience in chemical industry, IC semiconductor capital equipment, and other technology industry sectors.


Core Business:

Provide cleaning solutions and processes to dramatically improve Si solar cell efficiency and reduce solar cell manufacturing costs.


Business Segments:

  • Cleaning after substrate cutting operations (wire sawing)
  • Mono-crystalline silicon solar cells in process cleaning
  • Multi-crystalline silicon solar cells in process cleaning
  • Texturing solar cell material



Sunsonix provides substrate cleaning solutions to the photovoltaic and related industries. Their “Creative Cleaning” technologies provide an environmentally safe process for removal of trace metal contaminants from crystalline silicon solar cells to improve efficiency and reduce degradation.

Sunsonix developed SX-E™ to increase the overall solar efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells by targeted removal of transition metals from wafer surfaces. Metallic impurities are detrimental to solar cell efficiency due to their ability to cause recombination of charge carriers on the surface and the bulk of the solar cell, reducing the power generating capacity of the cell.

Sunsonix has formulated a cleaning technology with an unparalleled ability to work in concert with existing process sequences, both acidic and alkaline, to aid the removal of surface bound transition metals without damage to the underlying silicon semiconductor. The SX-E solution is non-toxic and biodegradable, features consistent with our mission to develop environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.


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