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Mustang Vacuum, Inc.

7135 16th Street East
Sarasota, FL 34243 USA

phone: +1 941 377 1440

fax: +1 941 377 1499




Mustang Solar located in Sarasota, Florida is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mustang Vacuum Systems. As a global leader in Thin Film Technology, the company provides globally proven thin film coating solutions to a wide range of production customers in the automotive, optical, packaging and solar industries.

Mustang's revolutionary roll-to-roll vacuum deposition systems, uniform thin-film coatings are deposited on the rolling substrate as it passes through the vacuum chamber. The thin films and other coatings (Front Contact - TCO e.g. ZnO, Window Layer - CdS, Absorber - CIGS ,Back Contact Molybdenum) are deposited by physical vapor deposition (PV, PVD, PE-PVD), or sputtering (by either DC, RF, AC or pulsed DC power and evaporation).

Their technologies are designed to optimize the solar cell manufacturing process with excellent uniform coatings, able to be produced in less time, with minimum waste of materials along the way, helping today's solar cell producers to maximize profits while playing an important role in preserving our global environment.

Experience: Mustang brings 25 years of thin film deposition experience, both lab and production, to the solar industry. Mustang builds true production tools that have been designed specifically for PV and are optimized for the deposition of PV materials-- this sets us apart from others in the industry. 

Engineered to reduce device cost and maximize productivity, Mustang Solar's solutions are fully automated, high yield, high uptime, and low maintenance.


Orion Series: Roll-to-Roll Production Deposition Solutions

mustang20orion_total.pngEngineered to reduce device cost and maximize productivity, the ORION series is a fully automated end-to-end solution delivering high yield, high uptime, and low maintenance. Mustang's modular production lines are upgradeable in both throughput and process technology, delivering greater efficiency and productivity utilizing our extensive experience in the manufacture of production thin film equipment, Mustang Solar's ORION series offers field proven equipment and end-to-end manufacturing lines for the mass production of Thin Film CIGS Solar Modules.


minisolar.jpgMini Solar: Compact Multi Source R&D Solutions





sprintflexII.pngSprint Flex: Compact Roll-To-Roll Free Span Deposition System For R&D






Horizon Series: In-line glass coating solutions
Horizontal or Vertical Deposition Systems





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