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Company Overview


merconics, a professional distribution organization for capital equipment is providing support solutions to the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry in Europe. merconics was founded by Harald Moder with a registered office in Bergkirchen (Munich), Germany with the objective to establish a premium high-tech distributor organization in Europe.

wafer2.jpgThe photovoltaic industry in Europe and particularly in Germany has shown tremendous growth over the last years and there is a strong need for manufacturing equipment or photovoltaic technology.

Looking at the semiconductor market in Europe many new manufacturing plants have been built in other areas of the world over the past years. But at the same time, beside the numerous existing fabs, there are still a lot of advanced semiconductor R&D activities from companies like Infineon, NXP and ST in Europe. This means that installed equipment in a R&D or pilot line in Europe can generate follow-on orders in other countries worldwide.



PV_cell_sunsonix.jpgmerconics´ mission is to provide the photovoltaic or semiconductor OEMs a more cost-efficient way to support the European accounts while still delivering high quality service to our common customers. We´re interested in long term relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

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